Transportation and Lodging

The Chiba University is located between the Narita ("New Tokyo") International Airport and the downtown Tokyo. We are in the Nishi-Chiba ("West Chiba") campus, the main campus of the Chiba University.

A brief instruction to access to our campus from the Narita Airport.

The easiest way is to catch the JR line to Chiba, but depends on your arrival time of your flight. The time table can be searched by hyperdia. Note that you should enter "NARITA AIRPORT" for the start point and "NISHICHIBA" for the destination when you visit the hyperdia web site. From the Chiba station that the train from the airport directly takes you to, transfer to the JR sobu line local. The Nishi-Chiba station, the closest station to the campus is just a station ride from Chiba, which takes 3 minutes. This JR Sobu line takes off at Chiba every 10 minute or so, and it is real easy from Chiba to Nishi-Chiba. The University is right in front of the Nishi-Chiba station.

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We have limited number of available rooms in the University Guest house. We also booked a block of the hotel rooms near the campus. Please let us know your first - third preferable choice of the options listed below. We try to follow your preference as much as we can, but reservations we will make for you is first-in first-out basis.

Room Rate
University Guest House : 1500 yen (Cash only)
Large Double Room (Single Occupancy) : 8000 yen (Preferably Cash but Credit Cards acceptable)
Large Double Room (Double Occupancy) : 10000 yen
Double Room (Single Occupancy) : 5500 yen
Double Room (Double Occupancy) : 8000 yen
Single room (Cheap, small) : 4500 yen
Single room (Better than the above) : 5900 yen

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