Ultra High Energy Neutrino Telescope
July 29 - 30, 2003
Chiba University, Chiba, JAPAN

Scientific Program

JULY 29 AM : Event Reconstruction/Data Analysis (9:05-10:40) 20min/talk

- Welcome to Chiba (9:05-9:10)   (Shigeru Yoshida, Chiba)
- Event Reconstruction (9:10-10:30)    
Muon Reconstruction Techniques in AMANDA   (Gary Hill - UW Madison)
Muon Track Reconstruction and Point Source Searches with ANTARES   (Aart Heijboer - Nikhef)
Cascade Analysis with AMANDA   (Marek Kowalski - DESY-Zeuthen)
Energy Reconstruction Algorithms for the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope   (Juan-de-Dios Zornoza - IFIC)
- Coffee Break (10:30-10:40)    

JULY 29 AM: DETECTOR/Calibration I (10:40-12:00) 20min/talk

- Detector (10:40-12:00)    
New Capabilities of the AMANDA-II HE Neutrino Detector   (Wofgang Wagner - U. of Wuppertal)
A DAQ System for the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope   (Mieke Bouwhuis - Nikhef)
Detector Design, Performance, and Calibration Strategies   (Albrecht Karle - UW Madison)
Study of Salt Neutrino Detector for GZK Neutrinos   (Masami Chiba - Tokyo Metropolitan)

JULY 29 PM: Physics with UHE Neutrino Telescope (13:10-17:30) 30min/talk

- Neutrino Production Model (13:10-14:10)    
High-Energy Neutrinos Produced by Interactions of Relativistic Protons in Shocked Pulsar Winds   (Shigehiro Nagataki - Tokyo)
The End of the Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Associated Neutrino Fluxes   (Torder Stanev - Bartol)
- Atmospheric Neurtinos (14:10-15:10)    
Systematics of the Atmospheric Muon and Neutrino background in Neutrino telescopes   (Thomas Gaisser- Bartol)
Atmospheric Neutrino and Muon Spectra Measured with the AMANDA-II   (Heiko Geenen- U. of Wuppertal)
- Coffee Break (15:10-15:30)    
- UHE/EHE Physics with Neutrino Telescopes (15:30-16:30)    
Search for UHE Neutrnos with AMANDA   (Stephan Hundertmark - Stockholm)
GZK Neutrino Detection with IceCube   (Shigeru Yoshida - Chiba)
- SuperNova/DarkMatter (16:30-17:30)    
Realtime SuperNova Search in AMANDA   (Thomas Feser - U. of Mainz)
(Semi-)UHE neutrinos at Super-K: looking for point sources and WIMPs   (Alec Habig - University of Minnesota Duluth)
- Welcome Dinner (19:00-)    

JULY 30 AM: Simulations (9:00-9:40) 20min/talk

- Simulations (9:00-9:40)    
Computational Techniques for Photon Tracking in Neutrino Telescopes   (Predrag Miocinovic- UC Berkeley)
High Energy Neutrino Generator "ANIS"   (Marek Kowalski - DESY-Zeuthen)

JULY 30 AM: DETECTOR/Calibration II (9:40-11:50) 20min/talk

- Detector (9:40-10:40)    
PMT R7081-02 Angular Response   (Hiroko Miyamoto - Chiba)
Test Results on the Photomultiplier Tubes for the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope   (Juan-de-Dios Zornoza - IFIC)
Hamamatsu Tubes for Neutrino Experiments   (Yuji Yoshizawa - Hamamatsu Photonics)
- Coffee Break (10:40-10:50)    
- Detector Calibration (10:50-11:50)    
PMT Abosulute Calibration using the Rayleigh Scattering in Nitrogen Air.   (Nobuyuki Sakurai - ICRR-Tokyo)
Timing Calibrations of the ANTARES Detector   (Juan-Jose Hernandez-Ray - IFIC)
Calibration of Neutrino Telescopes using Downgoing muons   (Katherine Rawlins - UW Madison)

JULY 30 AM: Other Experiments (11:50-12:10) 20min/talk

Telescope Array Experiment for EHE Cosmic Ray Physics   (Masaki Fukushima - ICRR-Tokyo)

JULY 30 Noon: Physics of UHE neutrinos (12:10-12:40) 30min/talk

Neutrinos from cosmological cosmic rays: A parameter space analysis   (Diego Gonzalez Diaz - Universidad de Santiago )

All the time indicated here includes discussion.

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