Simulation check

(SimV2 test after juliet updates that allows the geometrical shift)

Test MC data is based on ice3sim software V02-00-14.
Here is project list with version numbers. Note that the juliet's revision version is 40998, which allows us to shift the geometry center.
Python scripts to generate MC events is this and to make trees is this.

Muons following E^-1 spectrum with 22-string configuration are simulated.

1. Npe Vs Energy

2. generated particle

Generated x position.

generated y position.

Generated z position.

maximum log energy.

cos(zenith angle) .

azimuth angle.

track length.

3. the maximum energetic particle

maximum energy x position.

maximum energy y position.

maximum energy z position.

maximum log energy.

Keiichi Mase
Last modified: Mon Jan 21 19:01:08 JST 2008