2D Scanning Average Analysis


Averaged PMT 2D Map (include 94 PMTs or 13 Golden PMTs)

PMT 2D Correction Efficiency(CE) Maps are variety.
This analysis aim to understand CE average behavior.
So, we average all 94 PMT 2D Maps measured in Chiba for 3 year-long, or 16 Golden PMTs.
This table averaged all PMTs will be default of ROMEO.

2D Map
PMT averaged 94 PMTs averaged all GoldenPMTs

Averaged DOM 2D Map

Average all 13 Golden DOMs convoluted QE average @337nm.

2005 Dosetsu_Inuyama, Genpachi_Inukai, Kobungo_Inuta, Shinbei_Inue, Shino_Inuzuka
2006 BakeNeko, DorobohNeko, IeNeko, ManekiNeko
NemuriNeko, NoraNeko, SuteNeko, YamaNeko

2D Map
DOM averaged all Golden DOM

1D Distribution

The two plots below shows sliced 2D map by axis, each PMT or DOM.
DOM 1D dist is convoluted QE @337nm, PMT is relative.

1D Hist
all PMTs FY2006 GDOM @ 365nm (inspect ManekiNeko)

For example

The plot below is distribution at 2.4cm point from center.
And calculate this mean each point for 2D averaged table.

one axis distribution

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