The event reconstruction for 22 strings EHE analysis


I am now trying to find a better way to reconstruct geometry and energy of EHE events for 22 strings analysis.

Here, I tried to reconstruct events by using channel-wise infomation rather than using event-wise information such as total (event-wise) Npe.

I hacked a bit again the waveform reconstruction codes, and change it to be able to rebin easily and handle the saturation level correctly. The easy rebinning functionality make us possible to rebin into 1 bin, and this is actually what I am mostly interested in due to the robastness for 22 strings analysis. This is I think similar to what muon-llh does. The difference is we use an assumption of EHE event track such as muons. I also checked the possibility to use the all waveform information, which seems to be a bit too ambisious.

using MC Truth geometry

using hyper reco geometry



Keiichi Mase
Last modified: Fri Mar 14 21:17:55 JST 2008