Simulation check (ehe V02-02-00RC)

The MC data generated with ehe V02-02-00RC is checked.

The python script to generate this MC is here.

Muons following E^-1 spectrum with 80 -strings configuration are simulated.

Without weights

primary x position

primary y position

primary z position

primary energy distribution

primary zenith angle distribution

primary azimuth angle distribution

NPE Vs energy

propagation distance VS zenith angle

With atmospheric weights

The live time of 300 days is assumed.

log10(NPE) > 4 && NDOM > 80

NPE distribution

NDOM distribution

ZA distribution (MC true)

azimuth angle distribution (MC true)

ZA distribution (first guess)

azimuth angle distribution (first guess)

ZA resolution

azimuth angle resolution

CoGX distribution

CoGY distribution

CoGZ distribution

CR energy distribution

1D: CR Flux

CR Flux

  • Black: No cut
  • Blue: log10(NPE) > 4 && NDOM > 80
  • Consistent with flux on this page
  • 2D: CR energy vs. XXX

    log10(NPE) > 4 && NDOM > 80

    Z-axis: empirical atm. muon flux [/m^2 sr sec]

    logEcr vs log(Energy of inice muon bundle)

    logEcr vs log(total best NPE)

    logEcr vs number of DOM

    logEcr vs Cos(MC-truth zenith angle)

    logEcr vs Cos(first guess zenith angle)

    logEcr vs CoGZ

    Keiichi Mase
    Last modified: 2009-04-20 23:57:54