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Energy scale calibration by the Standard Candle

Comparison between the Standard candle simulation and the data will lead to confirm/adjust our energy scale in the MC simulation. We have two options in the standard candle simulations. One is the specialized photonics developed/maintained by Michelangelo D'Agostino (UC Berkeley) and another is the IceRayTrace code developed by Kotoyo Hoshina (UW Madison). Both approach uses the Romeo configured with the Golden DOM/PMT calibration data.

EHE energy calibration wiki by Shigeru/Mina/Aya
Standard Candle Analysis wiki by Mina
Aya's analysis page updated on November 2007.
Mina's analysis page updated on June 2009.
The SC data has been analyzed for understanding the DOM response to high amplitude pulse and comparison with the MC prediction in the NPE behavior.
Our approach to have Romeo including GDOM sensitivity by Kotoyo (Nov. 7 2006).
The wavelngth-shifted accepance of DOM's glass and gel is used in the Romeo configuration. It is used in direct manner for the IceRayTrace simulation where Romeo takes photons as its input while is used in a way convoluted with PMT QE for the photonics simlation where Romeo needs photoelectron as the input.

The IceTray projects dedicated to this business

Now a part of the EHE meta project.

Romeo GDOM branch
Will be equivallent to trunk some day. The most recent Romeo with the FY2005 Golden PMT calibration data
Romeo-Interface GDOM branch
Will be equivallent to trunk some day. It can configure Romeo with a Golden DOM data.
Inu-Neko Aya's sandbox
Under construction. It takes the standard candle photon table of IceRayTrace and get Romeo simulate the Glden DOM response. Essensially a replacement of hit-constructor and romeo-interface for the study using IceRayTrace instead of the photonics.
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