IceCube/EHE Search

IceCube EHE Neutrino/Lepton Search

This page is for coordination of different tasks in the EHE particle search.

Our Projects

JULIeT-based MC study
(Keiichi, Aya, Bernhard, Shigeru).
2008 EHE filtering
EHE particle propagation
(Aya, Shigeru).
(Aya, Mio, Shigeru)
Real data analysis
(everybody) Starts with comparison to MC data. Let's enjoy!
EHE Energy calibration by using the Standard candle data
(Aya, Mina)
Empirical High Energy Atmospheric muon model
(Aya, Shigeru)
Waveform profile probability ("PDF")
(Sean, Keichi)
EHE track reco
(Keiichi, Sean, David, Henrik)
Detector response Module
(Aya, Keiichi)
Starting events analysis
Data class
"Ophelia" project
(Sean, Keiichi, David, Aya, Shigeru)
See also IceCube wiki page

Video/Phone conference minutes

Meeting Presentations

IceTray setting for EHE analysis

Based on the EHE meta project.
  • The latest release (V03-01-00) (based on offline-software 10-03-00, simulation V02-04-00 and icerec V03-02-00).
  • The trunk based on the EHE meta-project V03-01-00

  • Main projects are:
    juliet V00-05-00 (Change "BUILD_JULIET" in $I3_BUILD/CMakeCache.txt to "ON" and type "make rebuild_cache" at $I3_BUILD to download the jar ball and expand it.)
    juliet-interface V01-04-00
    Photon Propagator
    Photonics 1.67 (moonraker) photonics tables (AHA model)
    Detector MC
    romeo V00-08-00
    romeo-interface V01-03-04
    DOM simulator
    DOMsimulator V02-03-09
    DOM calibrator
    DOMcalibrator 10-03-00
    EHE MC utility modules
    Brutus V01-01-00
    after-pulse simulator
    AfterPulseSimulator trunk
    See also this page for the detail.
    Extracter of charge and leading time from waveform.
    Portia (PORTable Impulse Analyzer) V01-02-03
    weighting-module V01-01-01
    Weighting-module is now responsible only for signal/background event weighting. The function of making root tree is moved to the tree-maker.
    Tree maker
    tree-maker V00-00-05
    Detector Response module for reconstruction
    DRESS V00-00-01
    EHE reconstruction modules
    ophelia V01-01-03
    gulliver V01-04-01 A service to cooperate with other services of a parameterization and a minimizer.
    lilliput V01-04-00 A project where you find services of a minimizer and a parametrization.
    gulliver-modules V01-04-00 This is the actual module to make the minimization.

    Script files for the MC generation (Some scripts are a bit outdated. Use I3HitMakerEHE instead of I3HitConstructorEHE)

  • EHE MC generation/analysis chart

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