Package iceCube.uhe.neutrinoModel

Package icecube.uhe.neutrinoModel

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Package iceCube.uhe.neutrinoModel Description

Package icecube.uhe.neutrinoModel

This package contains the classes to calculate primary neutrino fluxes predicted in the EHE neutrino models such as the GZK cosmogenic neutrino production. The class NeutrinoFlux is a key class to give dN/dLogE by reading out the pre-calculated table located at $CLASSPATH/iceCube/uhe/neutrinoModel.

PropagationNeutrinoFlux class convolute the propagation matrix calculated by the PropagationMatrix in the propagation package with the primary neutrino flux. It gives the neutrino/muon/tau energy spectrum and their intensities after their propagation in earth. In the PropagationNeutrinoFlux class, the full neutrino oscillation is assumed and the primary intensity of nu-mu and nu-tau given by the NeutrinoFlux is mixed up for input neutrino spectra.

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