Package iceCube.uhe.propagation

Package icecube.uhe.propagation

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Package iceCube.uhe.propagation Description

Package icecube.uhe.propagation

This package contains the classes to calculate the particle(neutrinos, muons, and tauons) propagation in the Earth. Energy distribution and its (relative) intensities of Nu-e, Nu-Mu, Nu-tau, mu, and tau for a given trajectory are calculated by the methods in the class PropagationMatrix. The calculation method is not based on the Monte Carlo, but numerical calculation of the transport equation by building the propagation matrices, which gives more accurate results with less CPU time. The propagation matrices are build by the interaction and decay matrices generated by InteractionsMatrix in the package icecube.uhe.interactions and MuDecayMatrix, TauDecayMatrix in icecube.uhe.decay. As explained in the package document of interactions, the interaction matrices should be pre-calculated and readable by PropagationMatrix.

RunPropagationMatrix runs the PropagationMatrix for actual calculations. It uses several methods in PropagationMatrix to save CPU time for calculating particle energy distribution during the long travel in the Earth. You can submit the calculation job by MainRUN which has the main Method.

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