Package iceCube.uhe.event

Package icecube.uhe.event

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Package iceCube.uhe.event Description

Package icecube.uhe.event

This package contains the classes to generate Monte Carlo events of neutrino/muon/tau tracks propagating in rock/ice. The Event class defines the event behavior providing the methods to determine where and which interaction/decay takes place and to return the recoiling energy from the interaction/decay. JulietEventGenerator or RunManager class has a function of generating the relevant interaction/decay matrix objects and running a given primary particle, which has a main method for you to create Monte Carlo events. The probability table for the Monte Carlo method to determine the path length and the recoiling energy is generated by InteractionsBase class in the interaction package and by MuDecayBase/TauDecayBase class in the decay package, both of which inherits MonteCarloBase abstract class in this package. They also have the methods to sample the path length and the recoiling energy as a function of primary energy and interaction/decay channel for the Event Class.

RunManager outputs the calculated results in form of the matrix called Event Matrix. It basically supplied a probability of amount of energy deposit (energies of electromagnetic and/or hadron cascades, in other way) during the propagation as a function of primary energy. JulietEventGenerator generates events which consist of lists of energy deposit but also takes into account the IceCube and the Earth geometry provided the classes in the iceCube.uhe.geometry package. has a main method to run JulietEventGenerator. EventFlux class then multiplies them with the matrices calculated by PropagationNeutrinoFlux in the neutrino model package to give neutrino/muon/tau intensities as a function of amount of energy deposit.

RunJuliet.cxx is the JNI program to invoke JulietEventGenerator from C++ side. It has a small main method to run itself for showing how to use it. This is a seed program for porting JULIeT in the IceTray environment.

SwingRun class provides a java Swing-based GUI to generate the Monte Carlo events. The events are formed and traced by JulietTask and displayed by ParticleTravelGraphics.

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