Package iceCube.uhe.interactions

Package icecube.uhe.interactions

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Package iceCube.uhe.interactions Description

Package icecube.uhe.interactions

This package deals with all kind of interactions involving elemetary particles such as charged leptons and neutrinos. The Key classes are Interactions and InteractionsMatrix.

The class Interactions is the abstract class to provide the methods to calculate differential cross section, total cross section, inelasticity, etc. The individual interaction class like PairCreation is a child class of Interactions.

You find the classes of "interaction name" + "Fit" like PairCreationFit. They have been prepared for saving CPU time because cross sections in a few interactions require intensive calculations and would not be so practical if you calculate the relevant numbers in real-time manner. Instead the InteractionFit classes read out the pre-calculated differential cross section table (to be accurate, y/E x dSigma/dy) from the file and interpolates them to give a differential cross section and to give a total cross section by numerical integration. The cross section table can be generated by the class of "Make" + "interaction name" + "Table" like MakePairCreationTable.

The InteractionsMatrix class calculates the interaction matrices consisting of the differential cross sections dSigma/dlogE_j(log E_i) and sigma(log E_i). The integer iLogE is an index of the matrix and

log E =  Particle.getDeltaLogEnergy() x iLogE +  Particle.getLogEnergyMinimum()

gives the energy. The defaults values defined by the Particle class in the package icecube.uhe.particles are

log E[GeV] =  0.01 x iLogE +  6.0

and iLogE < 600. The each interactionMatrix objects are generated, serialized, and out-streamed in the disk by "Make" + "interaction name" + "Mtx" like MakeBremsstrahlungMtx. These out-streamed objects will be used for later work like calculating particle propagation in earth performed by the classes in the package icecube.uhe.propagation.
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